Over the past decade or two, technology within the music-making world has leapt to dizzying heights.  Not just within the piano world either. From sampled instruments played by the best orchestral players in the world to layered piano samples that sound SO like the real thing, you really can’t be sure what’s “live” and what’s… Read More

I have a few favourite beginner tutorial books.  Which one I use depends on the student.  These are my favourites: Me and My Piano  (Faber Music)  I love Part 1 of this series for the youngest beginners as it’s so clearly laid out and has colours linked to reading the notes.  It introduces the hands… Read More

  ACOUSTIC PIANOS Upright or Grand? Uprights are more or less a similar size and weight, except for some more modern uprights which can be smaller.  Grands vary in size from under 5 foot in length to over 9 foot for a concert grand.  The best size for an average size home is a 5… Read More

I’m breaking this into two different blog posts because the more I wrote the more I thought of to say and it got longer and longer!  Broadly, there are two types you can choose from – electronic and acoustic.  Though there is a third choice which combines the two.  I’ll talk about those in a… Read More

  It occurred to me that for someone who has never bought a piano or arranged lessons it might be a bit overwhelming, so I started to write about how to actually get started learning the piano.  In my last blog I suggested getting a piano and getting a teacher – but how do you… Read More

Most people want to be able to play the piano, it seems to me.  When I go to a doctor or dentist, hairdresser or chiropractor, and they ask what I do and I say I teach the piano, they tell me how much they’ve always wanted to play and ask me if it’s too late… Read More